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Common => Enhance : lvl 1 sapphire *50% success rate*

Enhance => Delicate : lvl 1 sapphire *30% success rate*

Delicate> => Good : lvl 1 sapphire + 25 X lvl 1 crystals *45% success rate*

Good => Superior : lvl 2 sapphire + 25 X lvl 1 crystals *43% success rate*

Grade 1 => Grade 2 : lvl 1 emerald *60% success rate*

Grade 2 => Grade 3 : lvl 1 emerald *35% success rate*

Grade 3 => Grade 4 : lvl 1 emerald + 25 X lvl 1 crystals *55% success rate*

Grade 4 => Grade 5 : lvl 1 emerald + 25 X lvl 1 crystals *40% success rate*

Grade 5 => Grade 6 : lvl 2 emerald + 25 X lvl 1 crystals *33% success rate*

Superior Grade 6 is very easy to forge, it doesnt really cost much to make a full set, but after that, you'll be spending around 4 times more Gold/E-gold each try, i'll be including some special skills of forging which might help you.

1. Forging Classical: Since you are using level 2 crystals when forging classical eqs, i recomend to upgrade your gem into lvl 3, in order to increase success rate

Superior => Classical : lvl 3 Sapphire + 25 X lvl 2 crystals *71% success rate*

Some people might say that they forged classical with only lvl 1 crystals, you can try if you want, but i dont think its a good idea:

lvl 3 sapphire + 25 X lvl 1 crystals gives only 21% success rate, but its up to you whether if u want to forge it with lvl 1 crystals.

2. Forging Grade 6 => Grade 7 : It is recommended to use lvl 3 emerald + 25 X lvl 2 crystals *66% success rate*

For people who's not willing to use lvl 3 emerald, its okay to use lvl 2Prepare 2 sets of emerald and crystals, and few lvl 1 emerald, forge any eqs from Grade 1 => Grade 2, 60%, keep forging until you failed 1 or 2 times, dont close the forging window, go for Grade 7 straight away.lvl 2 emerald + 25 X lvl 2 crystals *58% success rate*

At this stage, people might ask, what's the point of forging other eqs? isnt that a waste of gems?

Well, think like this, if the chances for a character to critical is 50%, after 2 hits, no critical comes out, the chances for the third hit is more likely to do a critical than the first 2 hits, Get It ? If you dont get it, bad luck, coz im moving on ~ no time to waste ~ xD

3. Forging Grade 7 => Grade 8 : lvl 3 emerald + 25 X lvl 2 crystals *51% success rate*

PS: Forge any eqs from Common => Enhance, 50% success rate, keep forging until u failed 1 or 2 times, then go for Grade 8.

4. Forging Grade 8 => Grade 9 : lvl 3 emerald + 25 X lvl 2 crystals *31% success rate*

*31% is very low for lvl 2 crystals, because if u fail once, then thats 2828 Gold/E-gold flew away from you, it is recommended to use lvl 3 emerald and lvl 3 crystals for 100% success rate*

If you dont want to use lvl 3 crystals, its okay, 31% is counted as a chance, not impossible, there is always possibility for succeed~~ but its just too low ~~

PS: Forge any eqs from Grade 2 => Grade 3, 35% success rate, after 4 consecutive fails, go for Grade 9.

5. Forging Classical => Eternal : lvl 3 sapphire + 25 X lvl 2 crystals *41% success rate*

PS: Forge any eqs from Grade 2 => Grade 3, 35%, after 3 consecutive fails, go for Eternal.

6. At last, Grade 9 => Grade 10 and Eternal => Epic, lvl 3 gem + lvl 3 crystals, no doubt├»¼├»¼

PS: Forging guide above is just a simple maths calculation, trying the best of its ability to maximise your forging rate, but it really depends on whether if you a good person or bad person, it was told that a bad person will have 30% less success rate than a good person

Caution: Fails is undefendable, no one can stop it from coming, unless you are a very rich person, using level 3 gem and level 3 crystals each time

By: LEADER-Spookie

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Champion Guide

[Event Guide] The Hero Champion Guide | by Zoom

Hi, Im Zoom from Thebes server, current level is 85.
This guide is based on how I play, what I do everyday, some contents can be general
but the thing is, this is what I do to make my character stronger.
in other words this is an all out exposure of my gaming style.
So lets get started and summarize everything.

Table of content
1. Leveling
2. Talents
3. Skills
4. Zodiac
5. Equipment/Gears
6. Mount
7. Pet

Without a doubt leveling is easy in this game, and the Champ class is the fastest when it comes
to killing monsters because of the high physical damage and instant skills.
Let me just provide you ways to gain more EXP for you to level up faster.

1.1 AFK - This is good for busy players. You can also buy 8 hours 300% EXP enhancer at
          the bgold shop or Mall to  boost your EXP significantly.

1.2 Instance - TG (training ground)is the best instance to get more Exp so do this
1.3 Quests - all of us does this but let me just give you the best quests you need to
             accomplish EVERYDAY.

*Guild Quest - War Materials
*Daily Quest - Europa Clue
*Daily Quest - Boss slaying quest Boarking, WolfKing,Cassirer, Lord Barry

Prioritize these first before other quests, these got tons of EXP

2. Talents
More likely the stats or build of your character.I have observed some players lack this. And their level is ahead of their Talent which gives them a bit of trouble leveling/farming.This game is designed to level up fast. There's alot of players who ignore the Talents and go power leveling to get new armors. yes, thats good but you gain alot if you level slow and balance everything.

In order for you to catch up with the talent for your current level.
you need to farm for TPs. there are several methods of gaining high TPs.

1. Quiz - this is very helpful specially the event quiz. (I will teach you the technique for the event quiz later)

2. Random Quest - This quest is for level 70 up. you will do 10 different kinds of quest. upon accomplishing this you will gain 3 pcs level 3 talent stone, 1 treasure map(you can get level 3 xtals here and totems upon killing summon monsters), and 30k silver (you can get the silver on the first random quest of the day). you can get this quest from the random quest issuer in town next to class shifter.

3. AFK - I know.. I know..  you will gain exp here.. but wait! let me explain. you need to get a party in order to lower the exp that you get, I gain 100+ exp on solo mode I gain 50ish exp when theres 2 of us in a party. haven't tried 3 or more, but most probably the exp gain will decreased dramatically. what I usually do is I party with my secondary account and use 100% 8hours talent point potion. so after 8 hours of AFKing you might get around 400-500 TP or more, and another thing make sure the secondary account is on follow mode let your primary character do the killing so that the TPs will just go to the one who kills the monster  

4.Spy Event - 12:30am/pm - 6:30 am/pm EST better normal spy, spy captain, spy master these are the monsters that you will be killing in town! so get a good spot and equip yourself with additional critical damage so when the critical takes effect you most probably kill the master/captain with one hit and there's no chance for others to take that monster from you

5.War Materials - you can pass a total of six war materials every day you can do 3 quests per day. so if you got some gold/bgold you might wanna try to buy some or you can just save all of the war materials in your inventory and just pass it whenever you want. 150k exp and 30 talent points upon giving to the war materials NPC at the 3 map from town so thats sparta> sparta sub> pelopense IDK for athens but its the same thing

6. Sicily Quest - Every Friday! whole day. you can get this quest from the sicily refuge in town. there's also an NPC in sicily who sells scroll quests for gold, you might wanna try it too. nomal quest = kill 100 monsters TP reward is based on your level. scroll quest = kill 1 monster TP reward is also based on your level.

7. Lostbook quest - Everyday every two hours EST server time 2am 4am 6am.. etc so on and so forth. you can pass a maximum of 5 books per day however gaining TP is by chance you can get exp 100-200-300 TPs L3/L2 crytals Gems and Quarts plate 4

Note: another thing if you want to maintain you level make sure you have holy boxes in hand so you can just transfer your exp to the box for you to catch up the talent points for your level. 

This is my TP when I was 84.
Make sure you prioritize these:
1. attack (all 3 of them)
2. defence/magic defence/absorb
3. critical rate / critical resistance
4. HP / MP restoration
after that can can chose which suits your gaming style best.
Note: as much as possible try to balance it.

3. Skills
You will be able to look this information in game by pressing the "H" button.

Single Attack skills
everybody knows it Spearhit is the best single attack skill of them all.
however the downfall for the SH is that it consumes alot of Mana and its 25 secs cool down. so Rage spear would be your secondary skill then Stab.
Note:  pump up your mana and mana regen for SH. use this skill at the end of the combo
well depending on your mana pool and mana regeneration. And one more thing SH is not advisable to be used in zodiac. yes it does hit hard but after that you be like a sitting duck if you ran out of mana. so think carefully. again you can use Rage Spear for alternative.

AOE Skills
The best one would be the Meteor Blast high damage and it can cause internal injury which increase damage taken for the 20 secs. and ofcourse next to that skill would be spear blast which also inflicts internal injury however the damage is not that great compared to MB but still its very useful.

I actually have a combo for that
the moment the enemy is in range I cast MB then Stab - Rage Spear - Spear hit if its not dead yet Spear blast then stab - Rage spear again. 

try to get rare skills by hunting elites/world boss and/or make a wish at the wishing pool in town. you should be level 35 for you to make a wish. limit is 3 wishes per day. you can also wish using gold however thats 230g per wish  

FACT: Do you know that if you wish using gold goins the skill that you will get can be traded? Now you know

4. Zodiac
This feature is to enhance or defense or offensive skills,
Aswell as gaining bonuses on exp and talent exp.

here is my current zodiac.. and again you need to farm tons of TP for this
after level 6 the TP required to level it is around 200ish so more patience what im going to do now is level it up all to level six and then im going to pump all the defenses til 10 before the offesive zodiac since Im still working on my mana pool /mana restoration because training the offesive zodiac will have added mana consumption. so defense first for this

5. Equipment/Gears
Another thing that affects your build is the equipment attribute.
So whats it gonna be for a champ?
let me show you my equipment

It is important for a champion to have high HP.
why? because we lack defense and magic defense.
as you can see in this illustration 7 of my items got MAX HP including the weapon.

yes some of my equipment is from the mall. I wanted it because of the high lvl HP attribute and beside its much easier to have mall items you wont be having trouble to upgrade some of the attributes. come to think of of it would cost you more if you upgrade the attributes quarts plate + attribute stone = a minimum of 1.5gold maybe?

Anyways lets continue.
I also chose it because of the high MAX MP attribute it is also important for us champions to boost up our mana pool.

I had a question from a friend before He's a warrior, he asked me.
Question: Why wont you change the MAX HP to crit? you're a champ you need to max your crit.
My answer: Champs got Crit buff, I wanted to have high HP so I can be tougher in PVPs aswell as soloing World Bosses. Besides we can still rely on our pet for Crit Rate or equipment drilling upon reaching level 100.

Honestly there are alot of people who's asking me.
Why do you not want to level up?
I want to catch up my talent point with regard to my level.
leveling is very easy, TP farming.. I dont think so. beside when you use Holy boxes you can transfer your exp to the box then to the equipment and apply bronzeware on it   and gives additional attributes   so I still benefit from restraining my level 

Which is better to upgrade item? or attribute?
IMO Im going to upgrade the attribute first, why? if you have 4 attributes on 1 item upgrading it would be like hitting 4 birds with one stone   its a bit harder tho
but its worth it.

6. Mount
We all have reasons for upgrading our mounts.
some say they want to level up their mounts because it gives more speed during marathon.
some say it gives better attributes etc..
well all of them are correct. Well what I want is to get MORE HP!

Here's my mount.

As the mount level goes up the higher HP it gives  

Here are my Mount gears

Coronet - the base attribute is hit rate I prefer crit damage for additional attribute for more monsterous damage!
Armor - base attribute is MAX HP I prefer crit damage for additional attribute
Soul - one of the rare recipes base attribute is absorption.
Saddle - rare recipe, Base attribute Max HP
Tassel - rare recipe, Base attribute I DO NOT KNOW   well to be honest Havent seen one yet.

The higher the  level of the mount gears the higher chances of getting better star gears. Star gears such as enhanced,delicate,good, G1, G2,G3,G4.. etc and additional attributes can be obtained randomly in blacksmith forging. sometimes when you're lucky you can create 2 additional attributes with good Grade 5.

FACT: Rare recipes such as tassel, saddle and Soul can be obtained only through Trojan Expedition.. these are boss drops so now you guys have a reason to go to TROJAN EVENT!

7. Pet
Pets such as Minotaur, Pixie, Rock Elf, and Merman can be obtain by using capturing tools. You will be able to see the pixie and minotaur in your faction maps meanwhile the merman and rockelf can be seen in the instance. some pets like murdock , yeti, dragon are rare pets that can be obtain through cash events.

Question: what is the best pet for Champions?
Answer: I think the best for us Champions would be Ferocious Minotaur.
Why? you can get higher physical damage.

Question: We have panda and this pet can heal why do you still like Minotaur?
Panda's cannot be REBORN. if you want to maximize the pet's savvy go for minotaur. Panda is good too well, it would also depend on your gaming style.

Question: Is it possible to change the appearance of your pet?
Answer: YES! Purchase Pixie Bag in the bgold shop its for 3000k bgold so better start farming now   by changing the appearance you can also get the corresponding skill for altered pet.

Question: How to change the appearance of your pet?
Answer: Go to the Pet Manager in town click on "change appearance" make sure you have the pet jade with you then place it on the slot then hit ok.

Question: How are we suppose to get a new skill from that?
Answer: After changing the appearance of your pet go to the pet merchant and buy the corresponding skill for you pet.

Question: I have the pet skill already and it says 1/3 where can I get the level 2 and level 3 for my pet skill?
Answer: level 2 and 3 pet skill are rare and you can only obtain it through lelantine farm event.

Here is my pet However im still working on with the pet jades need to farm for more bgold

Im planning to get a puppet, rock elf, bunny jades to obtain thier skills.

Finally! almost done with my guide.
Well some of you might think when somebody is on rank 1 at quiz you'll probably think that guy/girl is a geek.
But no.. it's trial and error. well to make it short there is always a PATTERN for this and most of the time it's
a series of just 2 answer.
1st question answer is A, most of the time the 3rd question's answer would be A aswell. if not try B C or D on the next odd numbered question. same goes for question #2 try to answer B C D except A (if the answer on the 1st question is A). take for example the answer for #2 is B so.. now your pattern would be 1=A, 2=B, 3=A, 4=B if you answer A on the fifth question then it was wrong it means the pattern has change so try to Read and make sure you answer the next odd numbered question correctly so you may be able to get the new pattern.

I hope it doesn't confuse you its just trial and error and answer as fast as you can to get higher points.
oh by the way rank 1 for the quiz get 150 talent points and a title! so yeah GOOD LUCK!

Well I think this is the end of my guide A bit long I guess But I hope you guys learn alot from this
And before I end this guide here is my character in thebes

◘ Facebook ID : Zach Sanchez
◘ Forum ID: 729843815
◘ Character name: Zoom
◘ Faction: Sparta
◘ Version/Server: Facebook version, Thebes server

I am now level 88 my max HP is 38k max attack (including altar) is 4k def is around 1400+, absorb is around 1100+, many players are wondering how the heck In too strong for my level. its easy, max out your TP, upgrade your equipments, invest on your holyware, invest on your mount (including mount gears), farm (do complete marathon everyday, hunt elites, do intances), invest on your zodiac, invest on your pet/ pet skills. its not that im boasting but the highest level I can kill in PVP is 104, due to armor level and level gap, I can only do around 50%-75% on 105,for  116+ would be like 10-25% damage however at the end im still dead.  but still I am proud! thank you for reading and happy gaming!

GodsWar [Athenian]Lost Book Quest

Thanks for checking my blog! I made this to help the newbie about the Lost Book Quest and how to finish this.

What you need 

You need sheepskin scroll to do this quest. There are 7 kinds of sheepskin scroll needed and this was dropped by boogeyman on main cities. After completing the 7 scrolls, you need to exchange it for chapters.

Where to exchange the scroll
There are 7 ancient relics on different maps that you need to visit to exchange your scrolls for chapters. Pictures are provided with numbers so just follow it.

Now after you exchange all your Sheep Skin Scroll to Chapter's return to the Mysterious Elder to combine your Chapter's to books.

You can also exchange incomplete chapters (1,2,3 and 4,5,6)

Now Go to the Wishing Pool to "Make a Wish With Lost Book or Incomplete Lost Book"

Note: There's a limit of 5 wishes a day. You can also wish for a skill book using the book.